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NCSU is all Charged Up! – according to Marcy Bauer of the NC Solar Center, Clean Transportation team at NC State.

Electric Vehicle owners can now get their charge on while visiting the McKimmon Center, Solar House, Joyner Visitor Center (JVC), and Centennial Campus.

Check out some of the photos from the ribbon cutting below!

Recognizing Excellence at the 6th Annual NC Mobile Care Awards

The constellation of North Carolina’s clean transportation partners recognized four leaders through the 6th NC Mobile CARE awards on April 19th 2012. The awards were given as part of the Eco Driving to Electric: Clean Transportation Opportunities Abound session at the 9th annual sustainable energy conference hosted by the NC Dept. of Commerce State Energy Office. The two day event featured sessions organized by the NC Solar Center’s (NCSC) Clean Transportation program on eco driving, propane and natural gas success stories, Mountains to Sea electric vehicle planning project update). The Center also helped organize an alternative fuel vehicle display and electric vehicle charging station ribbon cuttings at the McKimmon Conference center parking lot in front of the Solar House and around the corner at the Joyner Visitor Center.

Over two dozen NC Mobile Clean Air Renewable Energy CARE) nominations were reviewed by a panel of judges from the NC Dept. of Transportation, NC Division of Air Quality and the State Energy Office. The annual recognition awards are sponsored by the NC Dept. of Transportation as part of the NCSC’s Clean Fuel Advanced Technology project to salute efforts in reducing transportation related emissions. Ted Vaden, Deputy Secretary for Internal & External Affairs for the NC Dept. of Transportation presented the awards for leadership in four categories. The recognition for Individual achievements was presented to Jeff Barghout, Director of Transportation Initiatives at Advanced Energy for his pioneering efforts in growing the electric transportation market. Captain Mike Phillips accepted the Fleet award on behalf of the Iredell County Sherriff’s Office for their success in converting 29 police cruisers to operate on cleaner burning, domestically produced propane. Long time biofuels distributor Holmes Oil was recognized in the Fuel/Technology category. Since 2004 the company has provided over 1.5 million gallons of E85 (85% ethanol/15% biodiesel) and B20 (20% biodiesel/80% diesel) to the motoring public at three locations in the Triangle. The Policy/Organization award was given to the Center of the Environment at Catawba College for a variety of Campaign for Clean Air initiatives including Gas Cap and No Idle Toolkits to help drivers reduce harmful emission and save money. A more complete description of the four award winner’s accomplishments is available here.

We always make sure to read the great NC State student newspaper – the Technician – in order to keep up with what is going on all around us on the campus. The issue that came out on October 4, 2010 had an article we personally found interesting and applicable specifically to what we do here at Electric Scooter City.

The article, Bus commuters near Centennial dissatisfied, informed us that “Engineering students residing in apartments around Centennial have limited transportation options.”

Obviously this came as somewhat of a surprise to us since we see the Wolfline cruising around campus every day.

The main point the article makes is this:

A majority of the graduate students in the area study engineering, and almost all of the engineering departments are in the Centennial Campus engineering buildings. Those who live in Champions Court, Avery Close, Ivy Commons, Parkwood, Colonial Arms, or Gorman crossings must walk to get to their classes.

Students usually take Wolfline No.1 or Wolfline No. 9 to get off at Varsity drive stop, wait for the connecting buses like Wolfline Number 8, 3 or 3A, and walk to Centennial. The average travel time is about 25 minutes by foot, and more often than not, the wait-time for connecting buses makes the travel time increase.

Bottom line is that these students need more convenient options to get to class on time and they simply don’t have them at this time. (Read the full article HERE)

Consider Taking an Electric Scooter to Class

While we understand that students are low on funds and take the Wolfline or walk because of that fact, there are options at E. Scooter City you may not have known about.

A scooter can be purchased, sure. They can even be had at prices as low as $299 for models that can reach 15 miles per hour and be charge in no time at all.

What is also available to NC State students that is less known however, are scooters for rent.

Scooters can be rented for $25 per day and sometimes at discounted rates for longer periods of time. Come in and talk with Rich – he’ll sort you out. :)

Bottom line is this – while the Wolfline figures out it’s troubles – come see us and we’ll help you find a cheap ride that also is environmentally friendly.

Calling the Wolf Pack! Are you new to campus? Are you ready to explore all that your new home has to offer? Hillsborough Street is home to some of the Triangle’s best restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, galleries and bars. And if you haven’t heard, it’s also home to the Triangle’s most exciting electric scooter shop! Following the tradition of Welcome Week, make E. Scooter City a stop while you explore your new home, make new friends and begin this awesome journey of college life!

“Do I get FREE Stuff?”

Well of course. We know college tightens the purse strings, so Electric Scooter City and Hillsborough Street want to make your first week easier on your wallet while getting to know your new town. Upon arrival to your dorm, look for a FLYER in your welcome bag that contains 15 COUPONS to Hillsborough Street’s most valuable merchants. These are your ticket to FREE goods, HUGE sales, and the enjoyment of great food, products and services at a discounted rate.

“How Will I Get Around?”

Great question. Once a newcomer to the college scene myself, I was without a car and left to my own devices; namely, my own two legs. This week, Electric Scooter City is making the Tour de Hillsborough much easier for you!

E. Scooter City has provided a COUPON for you in your Welcome Week flyer for 15% OFF the entire store or a FREE DAY RENTAL.

The 15% off coupon will get you on your first speedy electric scooter, which I like to think of as the perfect compromise between a gas-guzzling car on campus that will surely drain your wallet, and riding miles pumping your legs on a conventional bicycle.

Or if you’re not ready to invest in a scooter just yet, use your FREE Rental coupon to test-drive one of our bikes or scooters around campus and Hillsborough Street, exploring your new domain and racking up other sweet deals with your Welcome Week Coupon Flyer.

We hope to see you in the store soon!