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We came across an awesome story a few weeks back about some electric scooters and green initiatives and wanted to share it with you all out there.

Over the last six months, Vmoto’s (ASX: VMT) electric scooters have been evaluated by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises to be used as delivery vehicles for their Australia locations.  Domino’s has already ordered seven scooters to start field trials in the area.

The trial is a significant step for Vmoto, and if successful, has the potential for Domino’s to execute its plan to phase out the current petrol delivery vehicles, with the aim of having its whole delivery fleet electric in the near future. (SIDE NOTE: When the heck can we do this in the United States!!)

Domino’s is currently Australia’s largest pizza delivery company with 550+ locations in Australia and New Zealand. What does that mean? That the potential for Vmoto and extending the use of electric scooters in this part of the world is huge.

Domino’s has already indicated it will require up to 3000 electric delivery scooters by 2014 (!), and is officially the first Australian pizza franchise to take such an initiative in relation to trying to “going green” and reducing emissions.

The proposed arrangement between Vmoto and Domino’s will be the first “Business to Business” (B2B) sale of Vmoto’s electric delivery scooter in Australia, and obviously represents a major step forward for not only the company but for the nation as a whole.

I’m trying to get some pizza delivered to EScooter City this Friday night. First pizza place to deliver to me on an electric scooter has my business guaranteed. :)


Table 1


In the race for the most miles per gallon, the Electric Scooter wins by a landslide at an average equivalent of 500 MPGs. However, the length of a charge limits a scooter ride to about 30 miles per charge.

At Electric Scooter City, our scooters last up to 30 miles on a single charge at 15-20mph. This distance is ideal for daily work commutes or the small errands you find yourself running close to home. Students benefit greatly from these green-energizing scooters as well! Whether you’re enrolled at NC State, ECU, UNC or Duke, or you just remember the days of being a broke college student, you’ll appreciate

1) A quick commute between classes
2) Extra cash for Happy Hour, or for the more responsible student…
3) More cash to put towards your student loan when you finish after four (or in my case 5) years at college.

Cost of Vehicle

The winner again is the Electric Scooter with an average cost between $600-$1500, rolling in behind a gas-powered Moped by an average of $300 per vehicle. Add in the price of gas, which is NONE with an electric scooter and the Electric Scooter is a great saver!

A True Family Story

My dad bought the Hybrid Toyota Prius shortly after its introduction to the market in 2003. At the time, a brand-new gas-conserving sedan, sold for around $28,000, was a great deal, especially with the number of miles my dad planned to put on it and the perceived savings to be had in gas dollars. You see, in my family, we bought, not leased cars, and the fleet of Honda’s and Toyota’s we owned were meant to carry our sweet brood of 14 to work, school, sports practices, the grocery store and on long, entertaining road trips for as long as the odometer still ran and engine still coughed to life.

That Prius-purchase in 2003 really sparked something in my dad in his realization in the amount of gas he was using and the toxic emissions we all released on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the hybrid car, he started biking to work every morning, a 9-mile trek that took him a long, sweaty hour to complete. I bet if he knew the electric scooter market was available then, he would have greatly benefited from the time-saving, air-cleansing mode of transportation. (I bet his patients would have also benefited from a fresh-smelling physician!)

In fact, with anywhere from four to six of us kids zipping around to soccer practice, our friends’ houses and school functions, our whole family could have saved a bundle on the number of cars we purchased and the gas we consumed, by simply allotting a few electric bikes to whomever had a practice, study group, or movie date to go to. My mom probably would have appreciated the time off from her family taxiing service as well!

*** Guest Post by Annie Wechter, 2011 Graduate of Arizona State University. ***