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NCSU is all Charged Up! – according to Marcy Bauer of the NC Solar Center, Clean Transportation team at NC State.

Electric Vehicle owners can now get their charge on while visiting the McKimmon Center, Solar House, Joyner Visitor Center (JVC), and Centennial Campus.

Check out some of the photos from the ribbon cutting below!

Recognizing Excellence at the 6th Annual NC Mobile Care Awards

The constellation of North Carolina’s clean transportation partners recognized four leaders through the 6th NC Mobile CARE awards on April 19th 2012. The awards were given as part of the Eco Driving to Electric: Clean Transportation Opportunities Abound session at the 9th annual sustainable energy conference hosted by the NC Dept. of Commerce State Energy Office. The two day event featured sessions organized by the NC Solar Center’s (NCSC) Clean Transportation program on eco driving, propane and natural gas success stories, Mountains to Sea electric vehicle planning project update). The Center also helped organize an alternative fuel vehicle display and electric vehicle charging station ribbon cuttings at the McKimmon Conference center parking lot in front of the Solar House and around the corner at the Joyner Visitor Center.

Over two dozen NC Mobile Clean Air Renewable Energy CARE) nominations were reviewed by a panel of judges from the NC Dept. of Transportation, NC Division of Air Quality and the State Energy Office. The annual recognition awards are sponsored by the NC Dept. of Transportation as part of the NCSC’s Clean Fuel Advanced Technology project to salute efforts in reducing transportation related emissions. Ted Vaden, Deputy Secretary for Internal & External Affairs for the NC Dept. of Transportation presented the awards for leadership in four categories. The recognition for Individual achievements was presented to Jeff Barghout, Director of Transportation Initiatives at Advanced Energy for his pioneering efforts in growing the electric transportation market. Captain Mike Phillips accepted the Fleet award on behalf of the Iredell County Sherriff’s Office for their success in converting 29 police cruisers to operate on cleaner burning, domestically produced propane. Long time biofuels distributor Holmes Oil was recognized in the Fuel/Technology category. Since 2004 the company has provided over 1.5 million gallons of E85 (85% ethanol/15% biodiesel) and B20 (20% biodiesel/80% diesel) to the motoring public at three locations in the Triangle. The Policy/Organization award was given to the Center of the Environment at Catawba College for a variety of Campaign for Clean Air initiatives including Gas Cap and No Idle Toolkits to help drivers reduce harmful emission and save money. A more complete description of the four award winner’s accomplishments is available here.

NC PEV Taskforce_EScooter City

As anyone that reads the Electric Scooter City blog knows – we love to support local events that focus around green living in the Triangle, and specifically Raleigh, area.

With that being said, next Thursday, October 27 at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh from 10AM – 4PM you should be a part of North Carolina’s transportation revolution! The NC PEV (plug in electric vehicle) Taskforce is inviting those interested to an official kickoff meeting for our NC’s initiative to plan and prepare for the success of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in North Carolina.

Attendees will:
· Learn all about PEVs
· Explore the Future of PEVs in NC
· Help create North Carolina’s Roadmap for state-wide adoption of PEVs
· Discuss barriers and opportunities for success with PEVs

Obviously we are extremely excited about this! :)

The symposium is free, but registration is required. REGISTER HERE.

What is the PEV Taskforce?

Were glad you asked. As more and more communities across the United States make the move toward electrified transportation, there is an increasing need for business, government and community leaders to get involved and serve as champions for this movement. The NC PEV Taskforce was established to:

· Identify and address barriers to plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption
· Involve existing & potential industry partners
· Recruit new industry
· Prepare N.C. to take advantage of future funding opportunities related to PEVs; and
· Create a PEV roadmap for N.C. to document Taskforce progress and recommend policy options

The primary goals of this N.C. PEV Taskforce are to increase the adoption of PEVs and create green jobs as plug in vechicles become more available in North Carolina.

So come out, support the event, and support your PEV distributors like EScooter City!

BMW-Motorrad-Concept-e_Electric Scooter City

With Rich just returning from an awesome event in Vegas that was all about electric transportation’s past, present and future we thought it would be the perfect time to mention AWESOME city-focused scooter concept put together by BMW.

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that was help September 15-16 in Frankfurt, Germany BMW introduced the BMW Motorrad Concept e. The Concept e promises performance similar or better than large conventional scooters and also comes with a recharge time of less than three hours.

This “design study” vehicle adapts the high-voltage (60-plus volts) technology seen in the BMW i concept cars to deliver power and range of 60 miles, which is more than enough for urban scooter commuting – especially through Raleigh and down Hillsborough Street!

What is really amazing though? BMW says this electric scooter can cruise at highway speeds!

Despite it’s ability to reach higher speeds than traditional electric scooters, the Concept e can be recharged from a regular household outlet, meaning it doesn’t require a special charging station or depend on a developed infrastructure.

Although the Concept e isn’t the first electric scooter to promise advances like this, (Vectrix briefly sold an electric scooter, until the company went out of business) a reputable motorcycle maker like BMW with an established dealer network and enthusiast base means the Concept e has a much higher chance to come to market.

Check out the video below which explains the many awesome touches on this electric scooter that combine form and function, such as the protective fairing and the video displays that replace traditional side mirrors (there is even a battery-cooling fan!).

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Interbike 2011 International Bicycle Expo_EScooter City

We’re sorry the E.Scooter City store is closed this week, but it’s only because Rich is out in beautiful Las Vegas attending the 2011 Interbike International Bicycle Expo!

The show runs Wednesday-Friday and features some of the greatest companies and brands from around the globe.

According to the show will “Bring 1,000+ brands and 12,000+ buyers from around the world to Las Vegas and you have Interbike – the ultimate blend of industry leaders and innovative products in the bicycle industry. The annual gathering kicks off each September with two days of the Interbike OutDoor Demo at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV – a world renowned outdoor cycling venue – and continues for three packed days of exhibits, product launches, insightful seminars, meetings and celebrations at the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas.”

Rich hopes to bring home a ton of new knowledge, products and more!

See you all on Hillsborough Street!


At Electric Scooter City we would like to think we are helping start a trend towards green transportation and overall acceptance of electric scooters and bikes in the Raleigh area.

Just as we started to feel pretty good about ourselves and pat the ole’ back a bit – Vancouver smacked us right back into reality.

Thanks to Vancouver I know we have a long way to go here in the Triangle area.

Vancouver, The Electric Mecca

Recently, the City of Vancouver has made it a point to add a plethora of new parking spaces for electric scooters and motorcycles throughout the city (according to The Vancouver Sun).

The parking will even come at a free or reduced price! The main reason for focusing on the support of electric transportation is to support Vancouver’s green initiatives. There are already 150 spots available and 50 more are scheduled to be build by years’ end!

Not only that, but there was just a big story on a Vancouver entrepreneur who ate up his entire savings opening up a 2,500 square foot facility called Greenwit Technologies that sells electric scooters and bikes. The entrepreneur has been so successful recently that he will soon leave his location for one twice the size!

2,500-square-foot Second-off-Main facility his Greenwit Technologies firm will soon vacate for one twice the size beside the Vancouver police department’s Cambie-at-Fifth headquarters.

Read the entire awesome (in another scooter entrepreneur’s humble opinion) HERE.

Now if only I can get the Raleigh folks more excited! ☺

On 9/11/11 EScooter City will be a participant in a memorial from 1-3PM at the Bell Tower on Hillsborough Street. Part of the street will be closed during this time as there is expected to be a large audience of  students, alumni, soldiers, first responders and Raleigh citizens.

In an effort to make the street look its best and especially patriotic, students plan to paint store windows with red, white and blue images.

The EScooter City store will be open across from the Bell Tower before and after the memorial and during we will be active participants.

We hope to see you out there on Hillsborough Street in attendance as we remember that day 10 years ago and the lives we lost.

It should be an amazing and powerful experience.

For more information, please call 919-800-0135.